Situated in the heart of the city, nestled underground, where loud curated music & beaming flashing lights set a dynamic vibe.

FUELHOUSE was given life to create a fitness platform. A fitness platform where FUELHOUSERS get to meet their happy brain chemical, endorphin, by smashing it out on either treadmills, boxing bags or (heavy if you like) floor.

It’s a space where you’ll know you belong
as soon as you step in.

The methodology was developed by Courtney Fearon, known in London as 'The HIIT Man'. Courtney, is a Nike Master Trainer and group exercise instructor, delivering sessions at some of the most prestigious gyms in the world.


A message from our founders:

” We wanted to create a space for you to get the most out of your training and yourself. One that you feel confident inside your own body and in a better shape than when you got in. One where you come in with friends but also make new ones and finally, one that inspires motivation, inclusiveness and teamwork. Our aim is to form a community that you can call family, an army of togetherness.

We wanted to create a space where working out is perceived as a social activity, like clubbing and going out, you know – how it’s supposed to be. 

What differentiates us from traditional gyms is the experience. Here at FUELHOUSE we inspire each other to try harder (and play harder too!)

We couldn’t be more thrilled to share this experience with you. ”