This highly effective 60-minute class, focuses on all your core abdominal muscles to tone your abs and improve your core strength, as well as on mobility, focusing on stretching, strengthening and rehabilitating the muscles. Taking place inside our Boxing room.

During this class, you'll perform muscular reinforcement exercises for abdomen and back and, release tension as you move through dynamic flows that blend creative and challenging transitions, balances and core work.

Our trainer, Marios C, will provide accurate instructions throughout the whole workout.

Suitable for EVERYONE regardless of experience.

Here’s what to expect:
30-minute of fat burning ab workout to target your upper abs, side abs and lower abs – the most effective way to tone and sculpt your core. Followed by 30-minute of dynamic flows that blend creative and challenging transitions and balances.

Abs part:
We will use a variety of different moves and techniques which mainly consist of planks and crunches. Expect to work your abs through compound exercises which strengthen both the upper and lower body.

Stretch part:
We will perform movement patterns that flow from one to another that work on the body’s full range of motion and has great benefits such as keeping the body and mind healthy, recovery, avoiding injuries, improving posture and many more. We specifically work on opening the hip area and creating shoulder stability.

We recommend attending this workout once a week while combining it with our other FUELHOUSE workout concepts – Bootcamp, Boxing, Just Lift & Just PWR. Because, when you’re more mobile, you can train harder, recover faster, and perform better.


– cardio ab movements
– upper abs, side abs and lower abs exercises
– core focused exercises
– dynamic stretches achieved through basic pilates exercises
– hip, shoulder and back / thoracic mobility exercises
– optimise movement and performance
– increase the range of motion within your joints
– reduce joint deterioration
– build a stronger core
– build more adaptive muscles
– improve all-round functional fitness performance
– promote good posture (looking at you, desk-workers!)
– relieve tension associated with over-exercising or sedentary lifestyles and achieved through basic yoga exercises
– prevent aches and pains