An innovative gym materializes where an ex legendary No. 1 Club used to be in Nicosia!

An avant-garde gym takes over the premises of Nicosia’s No. 1 Club – overturning everything you were used to.

Brief, 17 September 2021

«FUELHOUSE» Gym: Marks a spectacular reversal within the ingrained status quo.

FUELHOUSE is purposedly housed on grounds which operated as a nightclub up until a few years ago, hence making it a must visit.

Ygeiawatch, 15 October 2021

«FUELHOUSE» Gym: Marks a spectacular reversal within the ingrained status quo

Nicosia’s newest boutique fitness club has taken the capital’s fitness world by storm since opening its doors.

Simerini / Sigmalive, 13 October 2021

«FUELHOUSE» Gym: Marks a spectacular reversal within the ingrained status quo

Meet the founders of FUELHOUSE and find out about their mission to inject some fuel into people’s lives.

MADAMELefo, 14 October 2021

«FUELHOUSE» Gym: An alternative way to work out

FUELHOUSE has brought a fresh perspective to Nicosia’s fitness industry, with impressive twists and a philosophy that makes it stand out.

InBusiness News, 23 October 2021

«FUELHOUSE» Gym: It’s nothing like the gyms you know!

More than a boutique gym, FUELHOUSE is a transformative experience, which has already drawn attention since its recent opening.

Avant Garde, November 2021


FUELHOUSE, the capital’s newest boutique fitness club collaborates with ACEPLAYMORE.

Must Magazine, 16 November 2021

FUELHOUSE has turned the tables

A unique workout experience established in a nightclub environment with loud beats and flashing lights setting the tone. Behind the scenes lies the passion and need for perfection of the two multi-talented sisters.

COFFEE VIBES Magazine, 6 November 2021

FUELHOUSE: Nicosia’s must visit gym

Melanie and Natalia Stephanidou speak about their boutique fitness club alternatively proposes training immersed in a nightclub setting with loud upbeat music and flashing colored lights.

MUST Magazine, 4 December 2021

The FUELHOUSE Launch party was phenomenal

The first and Cyprus’ one-of-a-kind Boutique Fitness Club celebrated with an unforgettable party.

Avant Garde, 26 May 2022

FUELHOUSE: Entrepreneurship is part of the Founders’ DNA

A two-page spread under the business briefing section of INBusiness Feb 2023 issue magazine.

InBusiness News, 5 Feb 2023

Workout at the legendary ex-Vivendi Club

The first boutique fitness club that offers a new effective method of training and the most exciting experience you will ever experience!

Avant Garde (Digital Tree), 5 May 2023

Luxury fitness: FUELSHOP E-Shop Launch Event – Fitness and shopping all in one

On Saturday 13 May the FUELSHOP celebrated its retail website launch along with friends and other collaborators at its physical space located inside FUELHOUSE boutique fitness club.

Celebrity Reporter (IMH), 22 May 2023

FUELHOUSE won Gold at the Boussias Cyprus Wellness Awards 2023!

The award for Specialised Fitness Centre was presented to the two Founders, Melanie and Natalia Stephanidou on 17 October 2023.

Avant Garde (Digital Tree), 26 Oct, 2023

FUELHOUSE is yet again sponsoring the non-profit organisation of ‘Little Heroes’

Net proceeds from the charity event will be given towards the financial support of families with chilfren suffering from leukemia.

Reporter (InBusiness News), 28 Nov, 2023

The Hottest Fitness Festival takes place for the first time in Cyprus!

Join us on 20 & 21 April at Heat Wave Fitness Festival at Molos sea side area in Limassol for two days filled with endless workouts, music and complimentary food and drink.

Sportime Sigmalive, 8 April, 2024

Defining Fitness:Unveiling the Secrets of Fitness Entrepreneurship with Natalia and Melanie Stephanidou

Netcast Zone Youtube Channel, 14 May, 2022

The interview was held at FUELHOUSE and hosted by Efi Philippou, Member of the Young BPW Cyprus Organisation.

Young BPW Cyprus Youtube Channel, 23 July, 2023

Women in Business: The FUELHOUSE Sisters Melanie and Natalia Stephanidou

Netcast Zone Youtube Channel, 14 May, 2022

Join a hearty chat with Louis Nicolaou as the two sisters release their tips in setting up a startup and the hurdles involved in staying current.

Netcast Zone Youtube Channel, 14 May, 2022